Duopharma Biotech

Duopharma Biotech

Duopharma Biotech

Leading the development and production
of Halal Pharmaceutical Products

As a leading Malaysian pharmaceutical company, it is no small feat for Duopharma Biotech to trailblaze the halal pharmaceutical path. We are strategically sourcing, developing and manufacturing our products with the assurance of “Halal Built-in”.

The research and development team at Duopharma Biotech oversees up to 60 products at any one time. The company believes halal pharmaceuticals offer an additional assurance of quality. In every new project it undertakes, the 50-strong research division is motivated by the simple premise that should they become consumers, they are assured of the products’ safety, quality, efficacy and hygienic processes.

This unwavering commitment to creating the finest in pharmaceutical products has garnered Duopharma Biotech the Halal Pharmaceutical Company of the Year, awarded by the Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Duopharma Biotech build its strength by establishing a robust governance framework. The Halal Board Committee was established in 2018, to provide stewardship to the company’s Halal Pharmaceutical Agenda comprised of initiatives ranging from thought leadership, strengthening resources and capabilities, leading halal certification, research & development and expanding market segments for pharmaceutical products.

Halal also carries the Islamic and universal value of integrity. The management framework includes a strong oversight on financial reporting, internal and external audit, governance, integrity and anti-corruption matters, risk management and sustainability practices.

“It is important to note that the halal market is not exclusive to Muslims. It has gained increasing acceptance among non-Muslims too who associate halal with ethical consumption and other values such as social responsibility, stewardship of the earth, economic and social justice, animal welfare and ethical investment — in short, beyond its religious compliance.”
Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar,
Group Managing Director, Duopharma Biotech

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