Halal = Assured Quality

Halal = Assured Quality

Halal =
Assured Quality

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Products Further

Pharmaceuticals have one of the highest standards of manufacturing, with established guidelines and required documentation making it one of the most stringent processes in the world.

The emergence of halal pharmaceuticals heralds a new era for consumers and healthcare providers alike. The stringent requirements of halal certification serve as an additional layer of quality assurance as all raw materials need to be screened, documented and verified. This applies to every step of the manufacturing process.

Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike benefit from the halal certification of pharmaceuticals as they provide a quality alternative product for consumers to make an informed choice.

This unwavering commitment to creating the finest in pharmaceutical products has garnered Dupharma Biotech the Halal Pharmaceutical Company of the Year, awarded by the Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards. In fact, all production lines in Duopharma Biotech’s pharmaceutical plants have adhered to halal requirements since 1998.

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