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How many of us have experienced walking into a pharmacy only to find ourselves staring at the rows of medicines available on the shelves? Today, consumers (and patients) have a wide range of pharmaceutical products available where it can be slightly overwhelming when you want to decide which ones you want to purchase. You may find yourself asking this question: How do I know if this medicine is halal?

With the growth of halal and Muslims being more aware of their rights to have halal medicines, the halal logo has been allowed on the label of registered halal pharmaceutical products under the category of Over-The-Counter products (OTC), Herbal and Traditional products since 2013. Only halal logos issued and recognised by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Seeing the impact and importance of halal medicine, JAKIM, in 2017, introduced the world’s first halal certification for controlled/prescribed medication (Ethical Products).

Unlike OTC products, ethical products can only be prescribed by a doctor. A patient has the right to ask about the medication prescribed to him/her, including if the prescribed medication is halal. The healthcare practitioners will prescribe what is best for their patient and consider their Muslim patient’s dietary requirements.

Should you be in doubt and would like to check the status of any of the halal pharmaceutical products in the market, you can do so at www.halal.gov.my; or the SmartHalal and MyJAKIM Mobile App. JAKIM manages both platforms; therefore, the authenticity and validity of the halal status are accurate.

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