Quality for Everyone

Quality for Everyone

Pioneering Halal Pharmaceutical Products

As the first halal pharmaceuticals manufacturer in the world, Duopharma Biotech has played a pioneering role in research and development. In 1996, Duopharma Biotech had a vision to produce quality generic pharmaceuticals — which refers to copies of brand-name drugs that have exactly the same pharmacological effects as their brand-name counterparts — at an affordable price for Malaysians.

Backed by a strong technical research team recruited from Malaysian pharmacy PhD candidates studying overseas, Duopharma Biotech embarked on its halal pharmaceuticals journey that continues to set new standards of excellence today.

This unwavering commitment to creating the finest in pharmaceutical products has garnered Dupharma Biotech the Halal Pharmaceutical Company of the Year, awarded by the Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards.

“The vision in 1996 was very simple: we wanted to produce good quality generic pharmaceuticals for Malaysians. Halal pharmaceuticals weren’t the priority. But after we stabilised, we were very sure we were doing quality work. We were screening our raw materials and quality of ingredients to the highest international standard. That’s when we decided to take it a step further.”
Dr Leong Chuei Wei,
Research & Development Consultant, Duopharma Biotech

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